Take all your Active Disk Powered applications with you!

Active Disk allows you to download an Active Disk title to an Iomega Zip, Mini, or hard drive and run it from any computer.

You can be assured that when you close the Active Disk session and remove the drive or disk that nothing will remain on the computer.

What Do I Need To Run Active Disk Titles?

To use Active Disk Powered titles you need an Iomega Zip, Mini USB drive or external hard drive.

Try The Active Disk Powered Open Office Today!

It’s here, it’s portable and one of the more popular Active Disk enabled Open Source titles available. This is NOT a trial, or shareware version that expires in 30 days, which means it is readily available for your immediate use.
OpenOffice.org1.1.0 makes an ideal Active Disk portable application. Ever wanted take your business/personal productivity suite with you wherever you go? Tired of working on somebody’s elses computer that has different personal options setup in their spreadsheet, word processor, HTML editor, or presentation application? Well, look no further, with Active Disk enabled OpenOffice.org, you can take all four applications with you on your Iomega disk or drive. (Works great on Iomega Mini USB 2.0 drives.) Run your OpenOffice.org suite at home, work or play with Active Disk enabled OpenOffice.org1.1.0.

Want To Use Your Favorite Applications Anywhere?

Demand Active Disk Powered software–portable, convenient, and secure!

Join the Active Disk revolution and set your software free. Tell us what applications you want to have Active Disk Powered. Iomega will forward all requests to the appropriate software companies. In addition, we encourage you to also contact your favorite software company independently and request Active Disk Powered versions of their titles.

What Is Active Disk?

Iomega® Active Disk™ allows your software applications to run everywhere you do. Stay mobile and organized with Active Disk Powered titles that live on, launch and run directly from your Iomega Active Disk enabled device. Insert the disk or drive and your application launches automatically. When finished, simply eject, and everything is saved to your secure Iomega device. Portable, easy, and secure – and it won’t clutter your hard drive.