How do I create an Active Disk?

1. Create the Active Disk (pop-out on click) Active Disk Powered titles are created by downloading and running the desired Active Disk Powered software application. The download will allow you to automatically create the Active Disk on any Zip disk, Iomega Mini USB drive or external hard drive of your choosing. Active Disk Powered software applications are not installed on your hard drive.

2. Insert the Active Disk to start the application. (pop-out on click) Starting an Active Disk Powered application is as simple as inserting a disk into your drive. Data that is generated by the application can be saved back to the Active Disk.

3. Eject the Active Disk (pop-out on click) When you are finished using the application simply press the eject button to close the application and eject the disk. There will be no trace that the application was run.